National Environmental Awareness Campaigning

Published - 9 Jun 2015

UNIVART is an autonomous research organization whose primary objective is to create ecological consciousness through social programs having an artistic dimension.
The world of nature has cradled us to life and has been nourishing us all through. Human Science has recognized this truth ever since its advent. But that has not prevented the human beings from destroying nature for its own selfish needs. This self-destructive sport has gathered all the more pace since the onslaught of Globalization which has for all practical purpose brought us on the brink of disaster. Though Nature has registered its protests against this state of affairs by a series of environmental catastrophes, we haven’t been wise enough to draw our lessons from them:

UNIVART has its mission to create awareness on the all encompassing role Nature has on our lives and thus this organization gears itself for human welfare.
Today’s child shall write the future of tomorrow. Hence our goal is to inculcate in him the feel that Nature is our own mother and it is our duty to take care of her. We must restore to her what belongs to her if we are to survive in her lap. UNIVART aspires to inject this positive dimension in the development matrix of the child through an artistic medium appropriate for his/her level.

UNIVART has been in the forefront of the SAVE EARTH MOVEMENT since 2012. Its uniqueness lies in its focus on art in attaining this objective. The medium of art, though soundless and hence noiseless, has its own distinct voice as and when it shapes itself in the canvas of an artist. Its silent manifestation tells its own story and for children in their formative years what better medium can there be to reach them, to pass on to them the message of Mother Earth? It leaves on them an impression that shall go deep into their psyche and make them better and more responsible human beings especially in their interaction with Mother Earth.
Our mission is to set up ECO(friendly)SCHOOLS and the first step to that we want to reach out to the students. They are to be made aware of the different facets of our environment through the graphic representation of the woes of Mother Nature which in turn shall give rise in them the curiosity to know more about the causes that led to the dismal state in which She thrives today. They are then to be informed, through artistic representation, about the role of the Bio-diversity and the Ecosystem in preventing the decline of Nature. The initiatives of the international bodies in their mission to save earth as well as the role of the Govt. of India in preventing further degradation of our environment shall also be within our scope of study.

It’s true that Mother Earth, 4.6 billion years old, is slowly advancing towards its geriatric stage. Hence the onus lies on us all the more to take care of her. But all we have managed so far is to publish books, arrange seminars, and go through certain workshops which have hardly, if at all, altered the scenario. It’s because they have failed to create any lasting impression. This is where UNIVART comes in. We are going to bring in a decisive change in the ecological landscape as we shall invoke the conscience of the child, the future of mankind, through the perennial medium of art.
It is noteworthy in this context that though Tagore’s primary source of poetic inspiration was Nature, he never kept Her confined to his works alone, but brought Her to the domain of realistic environmental consciousness as he celebrated, so magnificently, the planting of trees in Shantiniketan in 1927 and made it an annual affair. Nobel Laureate Dr. Amartya Sen, commenting on Tagore, noted in his book ‘BHARAT BICHITRA (The Diversity of India)’, that “Tagore wanted more official and unofficial promise for the protecting of the environment.” This clearly reflects the ecological concern on the part of India’s greatest poet. His philosophy of Life and Nature and the intrinsic relation between them shall also be a focal point of our initiative.

Fundamental Objective of Instilling Ecological Consciousness

The aesthetic-artistic means through which we, on the part of UNIVART, would like to attain our fundamental objective of instilling ecological consciousness in the students are as follows:


The essence of Nature lies in its color. Its myriad manifestation coupled with the rich texture of forms draws the attention of the child. Hence through painting the child gets attuned to Nature.


We at UNIVART bring out the inherent creativity of a child by introducing him to the world of craft and for this the raw materials that are being used are the waste materials of our daily use which are recycled and reshaped to attain artistic dimension. Some of the raw materials used are: cardboards, old magazines, junk mail, egg cartons, milk cartons, bubble wrap etc.