National Environmental Awareness Campaigning

Published - 9 Jun 2015

UNIVART is an autonomous research organization whose primary objective is to create ecological consciousness through social programs having an artistic dimension.
The world of nature has cradled us to life and has been nourishing us all through. Human Science has recognized this truth ever since its advent. But that has not prevented the human beings from destroying nature for its own selfish needs. This self-destructive sport has gathered all the more pace since the onslaught of Globalization which has for all practical purpose brought us on the brink of disaster.

Univart Eco School

09 February 2017 8

National environmental awareness campaigning on Green India Clean India Save India by Univart Foundation of art and environmental research conducted one day drawing compatation at Nirankari Education Societys Priyadarshan School.

National Environmental Awareness Campaigning in Maharashtra

National Environmental Awareness Campaigning in West Bengal