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Embrace the beauty of the French language with us. Let’s embark on this language-learning adventure together! Au revoir et à bientôt!

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Empowering learners to embrace French fluency through interactive and personalized experiences. Vive le français!

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Unlock French fluency, cultural understanding, and new connections. Let’s embark on this linguistic adventure together!

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an integral part of the Embassy of France, facilitates Indo-French cultural exchanges and academic collaborations.

UNIVART French serves various purposes, including fostering academic partnerships, enabling student mobility, and promoting the French language. We cultivate connections among diverse entities like artists, scientists, NGOs, and more. Our efforts extend to supporting research, innovation, and cultural associations in multiple fields. Additionally, we organize events to bring together intellectuals and innovators from both nations.

Through Campus France, UNIVART French provides specialized services for students accessible through the 15 Alliance Française offices across India. We offer counseling, assist with admissions and visas, and facilitate communication with French institutions. Campus France hosts biannual education fairs for students pursuing studies in France and operates the France Alumni online platform for networking opportunities.

France and India are prominent global players, with France being Europe’s innovation leader. The partnership between France and India spans technology transfers, artistic collaboration, and educational initiatives, fostering creativity and innovation. UNIVART French acts as a bridge, facilitating knowledge exchange and strengthening ties between private enterprises and public institutions in France and India.

Additional Benefits

Fortnightly Mock Test

Sharpen skills with our Fortnightly Mock Tests. Stay prepared, track progress, and boost confidence for your success ahead

Recording Provided if Class Miss

Missed a class? Don’t worry! Recordings are available to catch up on any missed lessons at your convenience

24x7 Chat Support

Have questions anytime? Our 24/7 chat support is here to assist you promptly with any queries or assistance you need.

Certificate for Each Level

At the completion of each level, receive a personalized certificate to celebrate your achievement and progress in mastering the French language.

Study Material Provided

Unlock your learning potential with comprehensive study materials provided to support your French language journey every step of the way.

Free Communication Session

Enhance your language skills with complimentary communication sessions to practice and refine your French conversational abilities effortlessly.”

Native Trainer / Guest Lecturer

Engage with native trainers and guest lecturers to experience authentic French language immersion and gain insights from experts in the field.

Job Guidance

Engage with native trainers and guest lecturers to experience authentic French language immersion and gain insights from experts in the field.


French School

At UNIVART, we offer unparalleled language expertise, immersive cultural experiences, personalized career guidance, and a vibrant community. 

Dive into a world of linguistic richness, where you can explore French with native speakers, engage in diverse cultural activities, receive tailored support for your professional aspirations, and connect with like-minded learners. 

Experience the essence of French language and culture with us at UNIVART, where every step is a unique and enriching adventure. Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards fluency and cultural proficiency in French. Let’s unlock the boundless possibilities together!

Ongoing support for your
Learning and Development teams

Benefit from a dedicated UNIVART Account Manager for optimal corporate language learning. Our global teams offer expert guidance, assist with employee rostering, and provide insights to enhance learner engagement and success.

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