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We are Team Univart
Come join us in this quest for making the world a better place for our children to live in.
We are Univart
We believe only art has the power to create the organic understanding of the relationship between man and nature.

About us

Univart Foundation for Art & Environmental Research is an Autonomous Research Institution, founded in the year 2012 by a group of renowned environmentalists and artists. We aim to build and nurture consciousness about the environment through art practices.

We are interested in the transformative power of art, especially the way it liberates the consciousness of the practitioner. Our focus is not the ‘product’ of art, but the ‘processes’ of it. Art, for us, is a way of life that opens up the space for dialogue and co-existence.

We want to explore this dialogic nature of art to create a space for inter and intra-cultural exchanges that build a greater understanding of cultural diversity, and in turn, of eco-diversity around the world. This sense of harmony between nature and ourselves empower us to take positive steps towards a sustainable future.

Univart, a group of leading artists, academicians, environmentalists, scientists, and media personalities, is working tirelessly to tap this power to bring about a change in the basic perception about organic environment and biodiversity in the society.

Our idea is to build a research institution that is truly an alternative in its outlook and methodology. We have already taken one step in that direction – our international forum Indo-Europe Gangetic Art League is a body dedicated to the conservation and promotion of colonial-era heritage lining the Ganges.

We carry out various programs in the vein of workshops, seminars, and art camps to promote the message of art and environment conservation. A plan to introduce a comprehensive international Fine Art exam for students is on the offing.

We believe change can only come through awareness. And the difference is what we need in a society that is hell-bent on destroying its cradle, nature.

Heritage Tour
International Seminar
International Relationship


Heritage Tour
Philippe Toussaint,President of VMF, one NGO on heritage in France made a significant statement during his visit at Kolkata:’ Ignorance is the enemy of heritage’. It is true from various angles. Sometimes so called writers gather a wrong history without any reference and post it in website! This is a contribution from ignorance. It is also alarming that a big segment of new generation is very much indifferent about heritage conservation.
International Seminar
The greatest thoughts and ideas of this world require immediate revelation in the society as they curve the way for self development and enable the passing on of the rich legacy of our culture and heritage from one generation to another. As Oliver Wendell Holmes put it, “Every calling is great if greatly pursued.” An international seminar held on 6th October at the Gurukul Global School was an endeavour to this end.

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